Sunday, April 02, 2006

Goodbye America, Hello Singapore!

I've finally created a blog to track our journey here in Asia. Francis and I arrived a little before 7a today in Singapore. The flight was my most comfortable ever - 18 hours direct from Newark, New Jersey, with Raffles Class treatment to boot. That said, my feelings were very mixed throughout, in the wake of all the farewells, logistics and last minute packing in Manhattan. At least the conversation with our driver, Rodrigo, and the ride from Changi Airport to our temporary residence on Orchard Road brought back familiar sights and sounds, precious memories and an odd sense of peace about "being home."

On our first US vacation since we got married (finally!).

Taken in front of COPIA in Napa Valley, California.

Please visit our Photo Gallery for some New York City farewell shots. More to come....


synergy said...

Welcome home. It's a bittersweet experience I'm sure. My hope is that it'll be more sweet than bitter for you. :) Your blog will be a great way to keep in touch. I-Lyn.

Anonymous said...

Mei & Francis, good to know you guys are okay and settling in. Good luck in the next few weeks as you get stuff together but I bet you'll really enjoy yourselves! Take care,

Jasmine said...

Puji Tuhan!!! So glad you guys got there safely!
I really am gonna miss you, Mei. Our contact has been sporadic at best the last few yrs, but you have nonetheless been an inspiration to me and an encouragement in my ministries.
You are now helping me become a more able worship leader thru the use of your guitar! =D
I really need to plan my trip. Summer '08... I know that sounds far away, but it's the best I can do under the circumstances. I cant wait to see you then, but in the meantime, I will check back here often. I need a new blog myself... Hmmm... something else you'll be inspiring me to do? =)
Also, with your blog, I can practice my non-existent Malay. "Malaysia/Singapore Adalah Sebuah Negara Yang Menarik." See? The brainwashing commences! =)

Anonymous said...

Hello and welcome home for both Francis and Mei to Lion City, also closer to the Pearl of the Orient, Penang! As the distance become closer, I hope we could see each other more often! Hope to see you both in Malaysia for a visit one day after settling down over in Singapore! At the mean time, enjoy and take care!
Paul Ooi

Cilipadi said...

Thanks everyone!!! We've appreciated all the well-wishes, posted here and of course, those shared directly with us. I'll try my darndest to keep in touch, and use this blog to update and entertain everyone.